My First Ride…. (Send us your photo’s, your 1st ride)

This is a 1st ride.  Put togeather in 1961.  It was made from a Jeepette frame and front end, a Cushman engine and rear wheel.  Front wheel came from wheel barrow.  Seat from Hockey’s MC shop in Torrance Ca.  This little scooter ran very well.  The Jeepette was a copy of a Powell.  See the attachments for more scooter info…..
Jeepette, Powell,  Cushman   1961

Jeepette, Powell, Cushman 1961

scan0030scan00293my-1st-rideOk, you remember that first bike?  The places it took you.  The trouble you got into.  This is when your adventure began.

Send us a photo,  or two, or more, and any comments.  We’ll post it right here for all to enjoy.  E-Mail only to:


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