As you can see, versions of this “club” go back a wee bit..We have profound respect for

those who served during war time..


After extensive research all that can be determined is that

this group of misfits  originated a very long time ago.

Some claim that it dates back to the time of the Pyramids,

doubtful.  The most consistent comment is “I really can’t talk

about that”.   At his point all we can say is the origin of this

group is clouded in the mists of time.   We can definetly trace

back to Southwestern Erin (Ireland), 1700’s.  That’s right,  believe it

or don’t…We still exist..  We’ve come and gone and still keep

resurfacing every 40 years or so..Finally we got a website..


One thing that stands out is the current “International

President” resides in the SFV.  The title implies that this club

is an “international” entity.  It is populated by MC enthusiasts.

This is NOT an   “outlaw” club,   its’ membership includes

current and past patch holders(in other clubs), bums, rich guys,

slobs,  and neatniks.

Lucky Bastards ARE and  embrace social outcasts.

No law enforcement, lawyers, or fire fighters are members.

They all fit into the “other” bastard categories.  These might

include: Cheatin Bastards, Lying Bastards, Punk Bastards,

Cheap Bastards, ect. ect. ect.   You get the idea.


All wearing the logo of the “Lucky Bastards MC” must uphold

the highest levels of basdardism.  Especially when doning the

logo.  Our slogan “Be all the bastard you can be”, means what

it says and says what it  means.  Always couch your words in

the vernacular of slogans.   Never treat a brother like a passing

stranger.   Remember, your country, your family and your

boss are depending upon you to  keep bastardism alive.

Local Chapter Info:                     Membership Info:

If you are lucky enough to be a bastard and lucky enough to

cross paths with a brother, you may initiate a chapter.  The

trick is to get it approved by the International President.  Try

finding this bastard.  It may take a while.  Or, contact Blind

Melon here at hankins@qnet and see if he can get you in

contact with Blue Eyed Ralph for chapter consideration

and approval.

You may have discovered, thru life experience that you are indeed

a  Lucky Bastard by birth and temperment.  You then qualify for

membership in this dubious “club”..  Contact us to obtain  club items.

Now, go ahead and enjoy the photo’s.  Ask questions if you got ’em.


Are we a “real” club??   Yes!  But, with lots of wrinkles….

All chapters are self contained units….  We know about

each other but may never meet.   90% of our membership

is “Nomad”…No assigned chapter..


We currently have over 800 members mostly in the

United States….The Mother Chapter is currently in the

San Fernando Valley, California…


You’ll know us by our logo….On a sticker or shirt or

patch..   Keep your eyes open for us….Many of us belong

to other organizations and you’ll see our T-shirt in the

most unusual places..

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