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  1. Fatbob Says:

    Via email from Fatbob, Here are the specs. 12 volt , bosch reg, fake six volt batt gel inside. wlc frontfork, panhead trans with ratchettop, shovelhead tanks 3.5
    (they dont leak) bates seat, home made pegs, clutch and brake pedals, handlebars, model

    A tailight, , latemodel clutch, pressure plate. repop springer headlight with latemodel insert and halogen bulb. thirty nine headlight bracket, 40 frame, double cam brake on front. wassel rear fender spark ;plug holder, dampner, heim joint linkage (factory shift rods latemodel) the best part pinstripped by Tom Wojan 90 years old this summer finally retired, drew for CARtoons Magizne, and HotRod as well. He did my truck as well I send you this info to let you know this baby is built to ride is a rider, I have owned original, resstored, but this kind of rider is what is about. The cherry ones like Carls have nowhere to go but down and every scratch bump or grind is a pain in the wallet. You guys are great keep it up, back here in the land of ice and snow. FATBOB

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